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Gamaguchi Coin Purses

I started to make Gamaguchi coin purses. Gamaguchi is a type of clasp, metal frame, usually used for wallet, bags, glasses cases, pouches, etc. For my coin purses projects, I use silk ribbons, fabrics and gamaguchi.

The Golden Flower Coin Purse

Golden Flower Coin Purse

Let’s open the clasp.. have a peek..

Golden Flower Coin Purse - Inside

PS: that is my son’s photo, over a mouse pad…

The Glittered Coin Purse

I used shocking pink silk ribbon, with glittered golden line on it.

Glittered Coin Purse

The Flamingo Coin Purse

My pattern this time quite interesting … I made these orange “crazy” lines and colorful stitched beads on red hot and bright orange ribbon… Love it

Flamingo Coin Purse

Vegas Coin Purse

This pattern is quite interesting, mixing two different materials, ribbon and yarn.

The result looks beautiful and luxurious




Maintenance Tips for Gamaguchi Products

Here are some tips I’ve found on the internet:

  • Apply a waterproof spray on the purse, to protect it from dust and soil.
  • Do not soak the gamaguchi into the water, it can cause damage or discoloration of the frame.
  • Use a soft brush or towel to clean.

Use Brush to clean

  • If the clasp become loose, open the clasp and then pushed the knobs gently, shown below:

How to Tighten Gamaguchi

Wanna Have One ?

If you are interested in buying one of them, just send me an email or simply click here to fill in the contact form. We may discuss any custom design or color request if needed.


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